Shubhankar Dhavale

Strength & Conditioning Coach
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  • Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Injury Management and rehabilitation
  • Fat loss

I started my fitness journey wanting to have a good physique. As I slowly learnt about the industry I got to know a lot of good and bad things about this field. I want to give my clients the treatment I couldn’t get when I started my fitness journey.

12 reviews for Shubhankar Dhavale

  1. Rohini Joshi

    Shubhankar Dhavale’s approach to injury rehabilitation is outstanding. His ability to handle complex cases like Paralysis, Frozen Shoulder, and ACL tears sets him apart. If you’re in need of effective recovery, his expertise is second to none.

  2. Ishan Verma

    Training under Shubhankar Dhavale’s guidance has been a positive experience. His ability to address complex cases like Paralysis, Frozen Shoulder, and ACL tears showcases his expertise. If you’re seeking effective injury rehabilitation, he’s the expert to turn to.

  3. Aarya Vanjari

    Shubhankar Sir is an amazing mentor and all time supporter.He has always taught us to be positive and keep moving forward in whatever we do.He never stresses you with anything and makes the journey easy for us.

  4. jaywardhan wayal

    Training with him is like a blessing in disguise. He understands the issue and has helped me fix my incorrect posture and improve my physique drastically. Thank you shubhankar!

  5. Shubham Sagar

    Under trainer shubhankar I was able to fix my sholder injury properly. The strength and conditioning training was so helpful to releaf pain from the scapula, regain strength and understand my body even better.

    Working out with AMVs in the background with him cheering you out helps even more!

  6. Parth sathe

    Fabulous coach with an amazing track record. Takes in account the problem of the client and make sure he gives his 100 percent in assisting

  7. Rashmi Patil

    He’s been my coach for last 1.5 yrs.Hes very thorough in his knowledge and its application.
    At such a young age he’s very matured ,responsible and very professional.

  8. Anshuman kulkarni

    One of the best coaches you will find in Pune. His ability to connect with the recipient and explain what we are doing is THE BEST. Definitely reccomend!!

  9. Sameer

    I decided to take up a rehab program with Shubhankar after I started experiencing very severe shoulder pain. This was eventually diagnosed as a Frozen shoulder. As a first step, Shubhankar accompanied me to a Sports Physio and devised a great rehab program to help me through the pain. Over the next few weeks, he ensured overall improvement through proper exercises. He is the true expert that I needed during my rehab and I feel confident that my shoulder will be back to full mobility and strength under his able guidance.

  10. Rashmi Patil

    I have been training under Shubhankar since last 1.5 yrs..I feel he’s very knowledgeable and has a very practical and right approach towards the training.I really appreciate his sincerity,his hardwork and responsibilities at such a young age.

  11. Vandana Tendulkar

    I have been observing your dedication and hardwork for last 4 years. First towards your learning and then towards your work. Imparting 100 % assistance and knowledge to your clients will take you long way towords success.I wish you All the Best for your WORK as a TRAINER

  12. Yash Mahajan

    I have been training with him for nearly a year and my experience has been absolutely amazing with him. He has a very nuanced approach and his main aim was to always push the limits for me and that helped me a lot.

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