Membership Related FAQ's

The details for Gym fees are given as under in a tabular form. These may be changed any time as per the management policy.

Sr NoSessionsWeeksGeneral Training FeesPersonal Training Fees
124 sessions4400012000
12 sessions430007000
272 sessions129000
36 sessions128000
3144 sessions2416000
72 sessions2414000
4288 sessions4825000
144 sessions4820000
The Studio is operational from morning 6.00 am to 11.00 am and evening 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm, Sunday being reserved for Special child, Parkour and other events.
at the discretion of management.
Extension will be given only on medical grounds with supporting evidence.
In exceptional cases by paying certain fees, however the discretion lies with the management.
Once admission taken, no refund will be given in any case.
Yes. One indoor shoes, stretchable costume, water bottle, towel and one Yoga mat.
The trainers in Studio are well equipped with adequate knowledge and outside trainers are not entertained.
Only in exceptional cases at the discretion of the Management.
It is always recommended that the workout be done only in the presence of trainers. No workout can be done beyond studio hours as the duties of trainers and cleaners are fixed.
There are separate charges for each such event, separate timings, and separate trainers. You can combine kickboxing/parkour with Strength and Conditioning for 3 days each by paying separate fees.

Workout, Classes, Facilities Related FAQs

Yes we all need to do both Strength and Functional exercises / workout resulting into muscle gain and muscle loss respectively which tones your body to your desired results.
There is no such separated partial exercise for any part of the body. For reducing belly fat, doing only crunches and situps will not help at all. You need to do over all strength training along-with proper diet plan.
This is one of the misconception that most people have. The general public is not into heavy weight lifters or heavy power lifters and do not participate in competitions. Doing Strength and Conditioning and functional does not put you into overweight or get out of shape after leaving but you are bound to loose muscle and gain fat as you lose touch with fitness and nutrition.
Strength is the base for doing calesthenics, parkour, kickboxing. You have to fulfill the minimal criteria level for doing it, you should atleast have the strength to lift your own body weight. we recommend doing strength atleast 3 days/week with any other activity.
The minimal age is 07 years and there is no maximum age limit for doing workout such as strength and conditioning and functional. The minimal age for learning parkour is 4 years.
The minimal equipments required is indoor shoes, towel, water bottle, stretchable costume and hand wraps.
Yes. For Parkour, Kick boxing, Calesthenics, Areal Silk, functional, HIIT, women self defense, Mixed martial arts, weapon training etc.
In General Training you have to follow a specific scientifically designed program in a systematic way. GENERAL TRAINING IS TO MAINTAIN BASIC FITNESS. In Personal Training you will get a customized systematic scientifically designed program as per the requirement of the client. PERSONAL TRAINING PLAN WILL VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON.
In an assessment session a meticulous observation is done of a client to check the weak and the strong areas so that an overall development is achieved and based on that further workout plan is designed. The assessment session is free.

Payments Methods & Cancellation Policy FAQ's

G pay, UPI, Phone Pay, Bank transfer, Cheque or cash.
Once admission taken it cannot be cancelled resulting into no refund will be granted. Therefore makeup your mind and thing twice before joining

Other Related Issues FAQ's

Workout is generally to be started under consultation of a Doctor / Physio. You need to get a fitness certificate from a Doctor before starting workout if there are any injuries or any medication is going on. The reason being after starting workout many old ailments or new ailments may trigger out which you will be engaged in addressing it instead of doing a free and fair workout.
Being a health industry and the object of the Studio is promoting health no consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or any health hazardous products are allowed to consume any time before or after workout.
No. The Studio is maintaining hygiene for the members and therefore only indoor shoes are to be used during workout in the Studio.
Yes. Now a days it is made compulsory by the Administration and for security purpose CCTVs are installed in and outside the premises of the Studio to check unto do incidents and give maximum comfort and security to the members and all those who are present.
Normally no injuries occur during workout when it is done with a trainer and done in a cautious manner. However, there are chances of getting injured if you do the workout carelessly.
We have a free assessment session wherein we get in touch with Physio and under his observation we conduct training accordingly and all those injuries are addressed so as to get out of the pain totally and do workout pains free.
The training quality, out door feel with fresh oxygen with every breath, doing workout in a scenery watching peacocks and peahens as there is NCL forest annexed to Studio with 70 acres reserved for life time.
Doing workout with machines is like the machine is controlling you instead of you controlling the machines. It is always recommended to do workout with free weights to that you can control it, get maximum control and balance yourself without depending on the machines. The Studio is well equipped with all the machines required for a whole body workout.
Doing workout with natural movements which help our day to day life functioning easier and efficient. it helps doing daily activities with minimal efforts and in a proper form without getting injured.
There are many misconceptions that doing only crunches and situps will reduce your belly fat. You need an overall workout to get into shape and with good strength and power to carry out atleast day to day activities.